Lost Language Collective

Daisuke Sakaguchi

Nick Delaney

Emanuel De Sousa

Mr Frivolous

Riikka Hyvönen

Ben Summers

Lost Language is a London born collective of established artists and designers representing different parts of the world. We celebrate cross cultural identities through friendship and the common bond of art production and theory - initially connecting through living and breathing the London Town and international art scenes.

The name Lost Language is inspired directly through hours of conversation (not all of it productive) over coffee, Chinese tea and bottles of wine. The purpose, to exchange ideas and excavate creative challenges. This discourse centred around our varied art practices, lifestyles, aspirations and associated routes to sustaining lives as artists and moreover, the topics that govern our respective visual identities.

In this way,  ‘Lost Language’ is about communication. Through establishing ways to reclaim symbolism, the collective artists through their work explore how we communicate and present ourselves and the bodies we inhabit.

The collective artist’s work can be attributed to many repeating events taking place now, across the ‘Art World’ and geopolitical spaces. The LL collective artists are subversive, embodimg the notion of commentary through creativity, channelling key discussions first hand through their work.